Fantail Fanned on Branch


A crowd favourite – the chirpy piwakawaka is well known across the country. Catching insects on the wing – they appear friendly to humans, but are generally just feeding on the insects we have disturbed.

For your fantail on a branch address panel you have the choice of traditional or koru inlay.

Your address will sit proudly on this branch – designed and made in New Zealand, it measures a maximum of 800mm wide. The height will depend on your custom text. Constructed from weathering steel, your address panel will weather naturally, and settle into your landscape over time – forming a beautiful rusty patina.

Perfect as a gift, mounted to your fence or house, or affixed to timber as an entrance sign.

After clicking ‘proceed to checkout’, please ensure your desired address, and any additional design notes, are recorded in the ‘order notes’ box. This may include things such as whether you require mounting holes, and the location of these. Otherwise, the method of mounting the panel is your responsibility.



New Zealand has been a geographically isolated island nation for many millions of years. This isolation, and a lack of native land mammals, lead to the evolution of the unique array of bird species that call New Zealand home. Many of these species have suffered from the introduction of mammalian predators, such as stoats, rats, possums and cats.

Your purchase of a Bird on a Branch Address Panel helps to ensure that the native species of New Zealand stay in the forefront of our minds, in all regions of New Zealand. As you enjoy your Bird on a Branch settling into your landscape, spend some time reflecting on what you might be able to do to ensure that our surviving species can flourish as they once did.

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