How long will my Blazen.Metal purchase take to arrive?

All products are cut upon order. For standard products without customisation, you need to allow 4 working days for production plus, the 3 working day NZ post delivery target, but we will endeavor to have all orders created and shipped promptly, to minimise this time. Please allow an extra 2-3 days for rural delivery.

When you order a custom ‘tree of life’ house number, we endeavor to have a draft order emailed to you within 3 days of purchase. Once edits have been received, you need to allow 4 working days for production, plus the 3 working day NZ post delivery target. Please allow an extra 2-3 days for rural delivery.

If you purchase a Blazen.Metal outdoor fireplace you need to allow 15 working days for delivery.

Any other custom orders, you will be informed of a delivery time-frame with your quote.

How do I install my Blazen.Metal bang’n bird?

Simply ‘bang’n’ with a hammer to any softer timber, e.g. pine. For harder timbers, you may need to drill a suitable hole before banging in.

What is weathering steel?

Weathering steel is corrosion resistant high tensile steel, made of a mixture of alloys. It is designed to form a rusty layer on the outside, protecting the steel below from further corrosion.

Will my Blazen.Metal product arrive with a rusty patina?

No, to minimise delivery time, your order will be shipped as soon as it is cut. It will arrive as bare steel, or in the early stages of rusting.

How do I accelerate the rusting process?

Weathering steel will rust naturally over time. However the process can be sped up. Lay your Blazen.Metal purchase flat and mist with water every few hours. This works best on a warm day.
For a more scientific approach, some may wish to try this.

How do I mount my Blazen.Metal purchase?

If you require mounting holes to be drilled in your purchased product, please indicate this in the ‘order notes’ box after ‘proceeding to checkout’. You will need to state the required size, number and location of the holes. It is recommended if mounting to a building or flat surface, that your product is mounted with stand-offs to minimise staining. This can easily be achieved with nuts or washers behind the product before mounting.

Will my postal address be on the item packaging?

Your purchase of a Blazen.Metal Bang’n bird will arrive to the desired shipping address in a cardboard sleeve (perfect for gift wrapping) within a post bag. For all other items, your shipping label will be on the items’ packaging. Please let us know in the ‘order notes’ box if the item is a gift – we will then wrap the item in brown paper, to affix the shipping label to – the items’ packaging will remain clear, ready to be gift wrapped.

Do I need to pay a deposit for custom creations not currently offered?

Yes. Once you have approved your quote, you will need to pay a 30% deposit before design and cutting commences.

Can I paint my Blazen.Metal purchase?

Yes, you can paint your Blazen.Metal purchase, however some preparation is required to get to bare steel, either by mechanical means, or soaking in white vinegar for 24 hours, followed by washing in water. If the paint job does not end up as desired, you can remove the paint and leave to rust again.

Where are the depots that I can pick up my Blazen.Metal Outdoor Fireplace?

Find the nearest branch to you here. If a location near you isn’t listed, please contact us as there may be other options available. Please state in the “Order Notes” of your order, the depot you want the item to be delivered to.

How soon do I need to pick up my Blazen.Metal Outdoor Fireplace from the depot?

Our shipping company likes to move freight as soon as possible. If you cannot pick-up within two days, you may be charged a storage fee.

If I agree to be on your mailing list, will I get lots of advertising from Blazen.Metal?

No, at most we will send something out monthly. You will only get emailed any special offers that we are running, and, on occasion, a newsletter. We will also run special offers only for those on our mailing list.